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19. What's the solution when I encounter black screen/force close/frozen/connection failed

A: Since FPS requires higher standard and there will be constantly updates in the future, so we suggest you can check specification of your device first. The following are recommended spec to play our game smoothly. If you meet the requirements but still lag, then please change your network with higher speed and more stable one.

Recommended Specification

CPU: Dual-core 1GHz



Android version: at least 2.3

Lowest Specification

Available RAM: at least 600MB

Free storage : at least 2G

20.Does Crisis Action support controller?

A: Sorry, we do not support any controller since it's only designed for cellphone and pad.

21.What's the purpose for extra Ammo? What does AP mean?

A: All extra Ammo can be bought in mall by consuming coins or honor and they have certain ability of armor piercing(AP). It can gain more damage when you equip it and use it to kill enemies. Remember to tap AP Ammo during battle or it will not be activated.

22.Can I collect demon fragments from the fragment pack in the mall and change them
     into permanent demon weapon?

A: No, all the demon series fragments in the mall can be only used for enhancement. They cannot be transferred into permanent weapon like legend weapon.

23.How to turn off Aim Assist?

You could change the setting of "Aim Assist" before battle starts.

24.What's the purpose of armor?

A: Currently armor has three types of equipment, which are helmet, armor and boots. They can provide better defense against bullet and grenade. With more strong armor you have, the higher chance you can survive during battle. Make sure you collect all of them to become the very best shooter!

25.What's the upper limit to gain credit everyday?

A: There's no limitation. The description in card page is referring to max honor can be expanded o 3000(30 days).

26. How many types are there for all weapons in Crisis Action? What's the highest level
      for each type?

A: There are now five types of weapons in our game, which are normal, elite, legend, knight and demon. The highest level for all weapons is lv9. More specifically, the pattern of lv1-3 are bronze, lv4-6 are silver and lv7-9 are gold. For legend, knight and demon, they can be modified after they reach highest lv9 and the name of that weapon will be added “M” as a modified weapon (The level will be restarted from lv1 with different pattern). Try your best to collect these awesome weapons and choose your favor one which suits you the most!

27.What’s the differences between all types of the guns?

Six types of guns in Crisis Action:

Advantages & Disadvantages:

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