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10.What should I do if I top up and don’t receive diamonds?

(1)It may take a few minutes before you receive the diamonds, check again later;

(2)Contact customer service: with your order ID screenshots.

11.What should I do if feel lagging when playing the game?

(1)Choose another network environment or choose another line;

(2)Contact customer service:

12.What is KDR? What does that mean?

A: Abbreviation of kill/death ratio. If you meet a player with a very high percentage, it means he got most kills but seldom died in battle. Experienced!

13.How to change avatar?

Please go to "My profile"

Then click "change avatar"

14.What's kill bar?

A: If you kill your enemies continuously without dying, you can accumulate the bar into rampage mode and be able to pick up the weapon they drop. You can also get coins in normal battle mode and be able to get diamond in ranked match.

15.Fail to exchange?

Please check whether you entered the wrong code or not.

*NOTICE: 0 and O are often to be mistaken!!

16.How to exchange the Redeem code?

Step1. Click "TASK" at the main page.

Step 2. Click "REDEEM CODE"to enter the exchange page.

Step 3. Enter the redeem code, and click " REDEEM".

17.How to get the Redeem code?

Please keep following the related events on the Facebook fan page, then you could get it.

*Here is the link of official fan page:

18.How do I check my available RAM and storage? I have more than 1G RAM!

A: You can download the following App to check your available(Free) RAM and storage.

Device info:

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