Race Schedule



Official Language:  English, at least one clan member should speak English.
Official Communication Tool:  Whats App
*By entering the competition, you agree to abide by all rules
Number of clans:
Lv.1~ Lv.30:64 clans for 1 server (7 servers in total)
Lv.31~ Lv.60: 64 clans for 1 server (7 servers in total)
Lv.61~Lv.90: 32 clans for 1 server (7 servers in total)
Lv.91+: 16 clans for 1 server (7 servers in total)
Each level rewards will be sent separately. Your team will be categorized by the player
with highest level.From S5, if your team successfully registers for 3 consecutive times
but never have chance to attend tournament, your team will be guaranteed to
participate S8.
Limit registration:
The first register will have the opportunity to be first verified
Captain Email:
Only confirmed by mail can get the final qualification.
*Clan leader is responsible to register his/her clan. After completing the registration
process, the clan information cannot be replaced or changed.
Tournament System:
Single-server part
Rules: Best of 1 Game
In the tournament, players can use all the weapons and equipment.
Cross-server part
Rules: Before Final BO3, Final BO5
All participants must use official accounts provided by Hero Game.
*Please note that all the official accounts will be closed permanently after the match completes.
All the official accounts will be provided with the same weapons and equipment. Please select
equipment freely.
Cross-server & Single server
The two clans will choose to be Allies or Rebels by coin toss.
The side with number: Allies
The other side: Rebels
PS: Coin will be tossed by the judge and two clans’ captains must make choices before coin
Both sides must get ready in 20 minutes before the match starts and inform the judge via
WhatsApp and the referee will create the room in 5 minutes and invite both sides into the room
before match starts. If not, the clan will be disqualified
Any network failure or device issue will not influence the match. No rematch will be taken if any
of the issue mentioned above occurs.
The match will be a 4V4 team battle. Clan captain must decide which four members will attend
before the match starts. Once confirmed, any change is prohibited. Clan that has less than four
members to attend will be deemed as a waiver. The opponent will be automatically promoted.
Game Mode:
BO1: Bomb Mode
BO3: Bomb Mode > Team Mode > Bomb Mode
BO5: Bomb Mode >Team Mode > Bomb
         Mode >Team Mode > Bomb Mode.
Map will be randomly chosen by referee.
Bomb Mode:Europe Town, Dust, Mong
Kok, Small Town
Team Mode:Dark City, Metro, Ferry
If any case force majeure or events outside of its control and led to cancelling the competition,
a rematch will be taken.
All rules are mandatory. Failed to comply will be deemed as a waiver.

In order to make more players participate the tournament, absence and cheating will be
severely punished since S5.
If any clan can’t join the tournament for any reasons, they must inform the referee 2 days
before match starts.
Clan absence – Failed to notice CA official in 7 working days before tournament starts
will get a warning from HERO. 2 warnings will lead to 3 suspensions.
If any team quit the match on site, all the rewards and related welfare will be cancelled
and team will be banned permanently.

Cheating Punishment:
Any exploiting cheating tools will lead to permanent ban! Crisis Action does not tolerate
any cheating behavior! We’d like you to help us to improve gaming environment and report
cheating behaviors! Reporting by video is strongly recommended! Hero Game reserves all the
rights for the final explanation.
The decision of the jury and the judge is final.
The final result will be issued via Facebook and official website. If players have any
question about the final result, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The rewards will be distributed in 7 working days after the final result issued.