Clan info

55.What is Main Weapon? What is Side weapon?

Main weapon means ALL types of the guns, while side weapon ONLY means pistol and dagger.

56.What are these message? Why can't I log in?

A: We do not support email address to register regular account. If you used Facebook to register your account, please tap “FACEBOOK” as your correct log in method.

A: Please check whether you typed the correct account username and if you're sure that you remember the correct account, please contact customer service center with your server, your player ID screenshot or character nickname to help you check further.

A: It means your account is banned permanently because of using hacking tool. This punishment cannot be canceled. Please DO NOT use any illegal program to play our game.

57.Can I change my Facebook account to regular account with only numbers?

A: Sorry. We don't provide that function of changing the account type and we suggest you do not do this because it might make your account error. We will take any responsibility if you force to change it into regular account.

58.I used to click “PLAY NOW” to play CA and now I'm planning to change my phone so
     how can I know my account username? Will my account disappear?

A: Account and character information cannot be deleted. Please restart the game and click the "SIGN IN", then you will see the account number and the password, that's your guest account, please remember it, then you will not worry to lose it and you can still play your account on a new device.

59.I want to change server from Alliance to Creator. Can you help me transfer my weapon
     to another server?

A: No, we do not have that service of transferring you character data to different server.

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