Clan info

46.How to rise up VIP level?

VIP level depends on your total recharge amount, we suggest you could discuss the details with other players, thank you.

47.Why I click accept a players' team application but it shows failed?

A: It's because the player has already joined another team or it takes too long time for you to accept it. Please ignore his application or contact the player to apply again.

48.How does grenade work?

A: It can be thrown to your enemies and explode to cause damage.

49.What is double reward of FIRST recharge?

Each character can have double diamonds reward for FIRST recharge, except for Monthly card.

50.What happen if I accidentally tap leave team which I created?

A: Please contact other members to rejoin your team. However, if you're the only member in your team, then the team will be dismissed after you leave the team, so please be careful when you enter team page.

51.Why the team I applied is not full but the message shows it's full?

A: It means the team has reached upper limit of applications, please contact team leader to manage and clean their applications list timely.

52.How to unlock clan position?

A: Each position would be unlocked with the Clan level.

53.What will happen if I already had lv4 weapon and then I got a lv7 one?

A: Your lv4 weapon will be replaced but it will not be changed to fragments. (It's all the same when you got the repeating weapon under lv7)

54.How to purchase Monthly card/Weekly? Can I have double reward if I buy 2 cards
     at the same time?

You could purchase Monthly card by recharge. (7.99 USD)

You could purchase weekly card with 120 dimonds.

Daily reward would not be doubled when you have the same cards, only the valid time would be prolonged.

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