Clan info

28.How to create a room in Combat Hall?

Step1. Click "COMBAT HALL" from Battle.

Step2. Choose the line you want to play.

Step 3. Click "Create" to open the room.

Step 4. Now we have many modes to play, let’s pick one !

Step 5. Waiting for other players to join, and start playing !!

29.How to create a clan?

Step 1. Go to the page of " My Team "

Step 2. Click “ Create Team “ under the clan list

Step 3.You could spend 20000 Golds or 143 diamonds to create the clan.

30. How to add friends?

Step 1.Click "SOCIAL " → "MY FRIENDS "

Step 2.Click " ADD FRIEND " → Enter " Player ID/ Nickname "

31.How to equip accessories?

1. Click "Role" then enter your role page.

2. Choose your role which you want to equip with.

3. Click the Accessory to equip.

32.How to remove friends?

Click "Remove" to put him into the " Blacklist", and then remove him from the Blacklist.

33.What's dazzling grenade?

A: You can throw it against your enemies to make them blind temporarily. However, you may be affected if you're too close to the place where you throw it.

34.How can I get bio weapon? Can I get it from enhancing normal weapon?

A: Bio hit weapon can be only gained from enhancing specific weapons, wheel, ep.pack or mall(sometimes we will put bio weapon in it). Normal weapon cannot be turned into bio weapon.

35.How to exchange fragments into a gun?

Step 1. Go to the " ENHANCE " page, and click "Fragments"’ on the top of the ENHANCE page.

Step 2. Click "Fragments " to put the fragments you want to exchange.

Step 3. Choose the fragments, then "Confirm " it.

36.Why I cannot create new room?

A: Each has upper limit 50 rooms, please check if the route you chose has already reached limitation.

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