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37.Why I cannot see my weapon? Did it disappear?

A: We assume it might because you have not installed our game or update resources completely. Please go to your Apps to clear data and then download the latest version again.

38.How to customize the game setting?

Step 1.Click the gear icon.

Step 2. Then you could customize your game setting.

39.How to send gift to my friend? What is the condition to send gift?

A: You could send weapons from the shop by purchasing it with diamonds. However, you need to be at least VIP 5 and reach character level 25 to be able to send gifts.

※ NOTICE: Knight packs require VIP 8 and you also have to buy Knight weapon pack for your character.

40.How can I increase my activity?

A: You can join ranked match to gain activity or consume diamond to gain activity. 1 diamond equals to 1 activity. If you do not want use diamond, max activity will be 5 each day. Now you can also donate coins to increase your activity. By the way, please also be noted that team activity will be decreased according to team ranking every week but it won't affect team member's activity. Therefore, it's normal if you see the member has higher activity than your team activity.

41.How to raise my team rank?

A: Initial rank for new team starts from rank F and can have max 50 team members. You can raise your team rank by gaining team activity. First ranked match and diamond donation from each member can increase team activity. However, increasing team rank will not expand your total member limit. Team leader can expand teammates by consuming diamond.

42.What does it mean “You're not qualified”?

A: This will happen if you enter the room which has just finished. We suggest you try to change another network to avoid this situation.

43. How to get E.P pack (medium)?

As long as you recharge to VIP 1, then you will able to open it.

44.Why do I need to buy extra ammo? I can still shoot without the ammo!

A: All guns have their default bullet to shoot without equipping ammo. However, the default bullet are weaker than the extra ammo. You may purchase AP ammo to increase you power and each type of ammo can be used for various guns. Once you activate the ammo during battle, it will cost one bullet for each shot.

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