Watching live of Mi S1

Watch S1 Live and Win Redmi Note 4

Congratulating 64 clans broke through fierce single server matches, but the most intense battles are about to begin in this weekend! In 30th July, all of you can watch the live show of Mi Power League S1 Finals and All Star on Facebook and YouTube, so many rewards even including Redmi Note 4 are waiting for you . Winter is coming, let’s witness who will sit on the Iron Throne!

Watching live:

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【All-Server Rewards】

We will send rewards to all players in all servers if the size of simultaneously online audiences can reach some specific numbers.

1500 audiences – Super-V Elf (3 days), 300 Glories
2000 audiences – Thunder MP5N(3 days), 5 Revival Coins, Hazmat Suit(3 days), 300 Glories
3000 audiences – Agent M4A1(3 days), Flash Grenade(3 days), Rabbit Backpack(3 days), 1000EXP
5000 audiences – Kitty MK1(3 days), Rabbit Backpack(10 days), W. Card Armor Sets(10 days), Lv. D Grenade DMG*4, M93R(10 days)

【Share Post on Facebook】

Share pinned post on Crisis Action fan page, when the share size of this post reach some specific numbers, we will also send some gifts to some lucky players who shared this post.

500 shares, 5 players can get 100 Diamonds, Spark AUG(3 days)
1000 shares, 15 players can get 100 Diamonds, BloodFox Bow(3 days)
1500 shares, 25 players can get 200 Diamonds
2000 shares, 40 players can get 200 Diamonds, Thompson(7 days), Anzai Bacakpack(7 days), 10 Revival Coins

【Streaming Time】 13:00(GMT+8) ,30th July

【Link of YouTube】

Please go to our Facebook Fan page for more details

Achieve God like with Redmi Note 4