Mi-League Race of Champion

Watching Live of Top Clans Battle

Attention please! The first Mi League-Race of Champion is upcoming. We have invited top 2 clans from online tournament S5, S6 and S7 to perform the most intense battle.That's a duel between top shooters! You definitely don't want to miss the most exciting match in 2017, do you?
Speak for your gun: Thinking of a slogan for your favorite gun, and, you will get it!

You are my star: Support one of the top clans in Race of Champion!
Coming soon
Live streaming: Watching live battle between the most skillful clans.
May 20th, 17:00(GMT+8) & Live partner: BIGO Live
Fan Party(Jakarta): A gathering to say "thank you" to all CA Fans.
May 21st
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