New Survival Mode Is Online!

Download&Play New Version Get Permanent Knight Weapon for FREE!



Partially 50% OFF*3 times in Mall!
First Recharge X2 Diamonds Return Reset!
Monthly Card X2 Diamonds return, Weekly Card buy 1 get 1 Free!

【Bonus Update】

Diamond return up to 7X($19.99)!
Bonus for New Recruit&Veteran: Super Alloy AK47&Pt AK47!
First Recharge Bonus Upgrade: $ 0.99 Get Permanent Defendor P90!
$19.99: Death Knight/Flash Knight/Brutal Dragon/Rapid Dragon Frag*20

【New Items】

Recharge to own permanent Cat Girl-Zooey&Bunny Girl-Ellie!
New Dual Weapon-Dual Gatling(Permanent)!
Fierce Dragon/Azure Dragon Frag Pack(20 Frags)in Mall!
Spring Special Pack in Mall: Kris&Anna(Permanent)!
Play Lottery, win Sweet Laura(Permanent) for FREE!
Lucky Wheel: Dual Nepal(Permanent)!

Permanent Holy Knight!100% FREE!

New Survival Mode Is Online!