HERO Top Race S3

1.Malicious registration will lead to disqualification!

2.Game id, Email and WhatsApp ID are ONLY allowed to register ONCE! For example, if you have registered under single players, then you can't register again under Clans with same ID.

3.All players are only allowed to play in the registered team. If anyone play in more than one team, the person and clan will be disqualified.

4.During cross server match, all players are responsible for the accounts provided by Hero game. Disclosure of accounts is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

5.Invalid email address will be considered as abandonment of the match.

6.Aim Assist ON or OFF was depended on coin toss winner.

7.Absence and cheating will be severely punished.

8.At least one clan member should speak English.

9.Captain is in charge of filling all (4-5) members' info.

10.Please be noted that team information CANNOT be changed once you submit your registration data. However, if you're qualified to attend tournament, you can have one chance to change team member(s) when referee contact with you before tournament starts(at least 1 day earlier).

11.Registration confirmation will be sent to captain's email. Make sure to provide the correct email.

12.The first one who register will have the opportunity to be the first verified.

13.Please confirm your email in 48 hours, and then you will get the final qualification.

14.Attending the match will get reward & higher rank will get more! Absence will lose all rewards.


[Single-server]: BO1

[Cross-server]: BO3

I have read and agree all