Dear player, our registration date is March 31 to April 12.

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Mar. 31th – Apr. 12th

  • Official Language: English, clan leader should speak English
  • Official Communication Tool: WhatsApp
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*By entering the competition, you agree to abide by all rules

  • Number of Clans: 16 clans for 1 server (4 servers in total)
  • Limit registration: The first register will have the opportunity to first verified

*Clan leader is responsible to register his/her clan. After completing the registration process,

the clan information cannot be replaced or changed.

  • Tournament System:
  • Single Elimination: Best of 1 Games
  • Final Qualifying: Best of 3 Games
  • In the tournament, players can use all the weapons and equipment.
  • The two clans will choose to be Allies or Rebels by coin toss.
  • The side with number: Allies (responsible for creating the room)
  • The other side: Rebels
  • PS: Coin will be tossed by the judge and two clans’ captains must make choices before coin toss.
  • Both sides must get ready in 20 minutes before the match starts and inform the judge via WhatsApp
  • and the clan of Allies must create the room in 5 minutes before match starts. If not, the clan will be
  • disqualified.
  • Any network failure or device issue will not influence the match. No rematch will be taken if any of the
  • issue mentioned above occurs.
  • The match will be a 4V4 team battle. Clan captain must decide which four members will attend before
  • the match starts. Once confirmed, any change is prohibited. Clan that has less than four members to
  • attend will be deemed as a waiver. The opponent will be automatically promoted.
  • Bomb Mode is the only mode applied in the tournament.
  • If any case force majeure or events outside of its control and led to cancelling the competition, a
  • rematch will be taken.
  • All rules are mandatory. Failed to comply will be deemed as a waiver.
  • The decision of the jury and the judge is final.
  • The final result will be issued via Facebook and official website. If players have any question
  • about the final result, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • The rewards will be distributed in 7 working days after the final result issued.
  • Winner: 6,000 Diamonds & Flame Dragon (30 Days) for Each Member
  • Runner-up: 3,000 Diamonds & Blood Dragon (30 Days) for Each Member
  • Third Place: 1,500 Diamonds for Each Member
  • Fourth Place: 750 Diamonds for Each Member
  • Fifth to Sixteenth Place: 200 Diamonds for Each Member